What is Beldi?

What does the concept of “Beldi” mean?

In a very simple way, Beldi is everything traditional about a country. Beldi encompasses the natural, typical, cultural, homemade, and autochthonous.

The concept of “Beldi” reminds us of our roots, our origin, our ancestors.

That is why Beldi Socks (B.S) was born from the need to create bonds of identification with what we know as “L’Bled” (the land), that is, with the country of origin.

In its image, the most identifying symbols are captured to show the world the beauty of the Arab and Amazigh culture and symbology.

Beldi Socks aims to differentiate itself with original and unique design socks, quality materials and values that will make us wear them proudly, complementing our style.

Finally, Beldi Socks presents itself as an innovative brand for all the tradition lovers, expatriates, displaced people, children of immigrants, immigrants, lovers of the Arab-Amazigh world…


Solidarity part

Beldi Socks aims to generate change and impact. The most important objective of Beldi Socks is to create a solidarity contribution that will be developed and materialized as the project grows.